Vintage Journalism and Women

If only this guy knew that some of today’s journalism greats would be kick-ass women such as Soledad O’Brien, Barbara Walters, Lisa Ling and Arianna Huffington. Watch below to see what I’m talking about…

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More Than a Pink Ribbon (via Huffington Post Women)

Jessica Pearce Rotondi, associate editor of Huffington Post Women, wrote a piece detailing how her mother’s fight with breast cancer continues to inspire her to be strong even in the worst of times. Although Rotondi’s mother ultimately ┬álost the battle to breast cancer, her daughter’s piece proves that she still won the war. In all, this is a must-read for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Linda Rotondi, Jessica's mother, before her diagnosis. Click here to read Jessica's piece on Huffington Post Women. (Photo taken from Huffington Post Women)

Is This What A Feminist Looks Like?

The above title is what appears on the front page of Huffington Post Women, followed by a photo of an woman in rollers applying mascara in the bathroom mirror. The authors of the op-ed (Barbara and Shannon Kelly) tackle the conflict that modern feminists often face: beauty versus the cause.

Does owning these cosmetics make a feminist a sell-out? (Photo from

An excerpt:

Is buying Spanx buying into an oppressive ideal? Does dabbling in fillers make one a tool of the patriarchy? Does plunking down your VISA at the MAC counter mean you’ve forfeited your feminist card?

Granted, overt vanity is never a good thing; there is so much more women can focus their talents and energies upon. That being said, I’ve always been a part of the camp that believe feminists can look however the hell they please. A little lipstick does not a cop-out make.

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Huffington Post Women: A Review

Arianna Huffington launched Huffington Post: Women last week, thus giving us a special section full of news and opinion to keep us busy.

Over the past week, I must say that I’m liking the content. I am happy to see that there is yet another news outlet that is available for us, by us. Good show, Ms. Huffington. You will most definitely be added to my blogroll.

Arianna Huffington: a million times, thank you! (Click for source)

Some pieces that I fell in love with:

Rwandan Rape Victims Find Healing Through Yoga

Sex For Sale: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt

What If Women Were in Charge of the Debt Talks?

I’d post more, but I don’t want to steal the site’s thunder. Rest assured that the site will become a source for content here.

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