Site To See: She’s The First

Did you know that DonateMyDress founder Tammy Tibbets also has an organization that helps send young girls in developing nations to school?

“She’s The First” is a non-profit organization that aims to “sponsors girls’ education in the developing world, helping them be the first in their families to graduate.” Tibbets established this site after realizing that if she could create a network for underprivileged girls to find prom gowns, she could surely do the same to enable girls to get an education and make their mark in the world as global leaders. She’s The First contains a directory of organizations around the globe that supports girls’ education for interested donors, provides tools for starting local chapters, and offers its own sponsorship program.

As always, I am quite proud to share this cause with you readers. I will be adding their link to the Blog Roll at the bottom of the page in addition to featuring it here so you have easy access to their webpage.

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Frivolous Fridays: La Mode d’Paris

Across the Atlantic (and several time zones) Paris Fashion Week was in full swing, with even more waifish models strutting down the catwalk in the most luxurious ready-to-wear known to women. The highly anticipated event saw no shortage of celebrities wearing equally chic (and catastrophic) get-ups. Thankfully for us, Jezebel has delivered.

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The Feminist Dating Bible?

Samhita Mukhopadhyay , executive editor of, has released the book Outdated: Why Dating is Ruining Your Love Life. In the book, she posits that the traditional thought of feminism ruining relationships is false and that, in fact, the rise of feminism has helped in the romance department. Addressing cultural norms, sexuality and the pressure to marry, this book’s mission is to help explain the madness that is relationships and how feminists can find love without compromising their principles.

In an interview on, Mukhopadhyay had this to say on the conflict between feminism and dating:

The truth of that argument is that feminism has hurt this really archaic notion of romance… This friction has come up between the reality of how we’re living our lives and the romantic story that hinges on gender relationships that don’t exist anymore.

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Hopefully, Mukhopadhyay’s work will eschew the “traditions” of the dating game so us feminists don’t have to play dumb or damsel in distress to get a date.

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Frivolous Fridays: The Ten Twitter Commandments

As a woman who manages five different Twitter accounts (one of which for this blog @chrzlafeminista), I am a bit of a Tweet junkie.

However, even communicating with the masses in 140 characters or less has its ground rules This is where Glamour’s Twitter Dos and Don’ts come into play. My favorite out of the ten?

DON’T send anyone a picture of your private parts. Ever.

Oh, if only a certain senator adhered to that one…

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Huffington Post Women: A Review

Arianna Huffington launched Huffington Post: Women last week, thus giving us a special section full of news and opinion to keep us busy.

Over the past week, I must say that I’m liking the content. I am happy to see that there is yet another news outlet that is available for us, by us. Good show, Ms. Huffington. You will most definitely be added to my blogroll.

Arianna Huffington: a million times, thank you! (Click for source)

Some pieces that I fell in love with:

Rwandan Rape Victims Find Healing Through Yoga

Sex For Sale: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt

What If Women Were in Charge of the Debt Talks?

I’d post more, but I don’t want to steal the site’s thunder. Rest assured that the site will become a source for content here.

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