Is This What A Feminist Looks Like?

The above title is what appears on the front page of Huffington Post Women, followed by a photo of an woman in rollers applying mascara in the bathroom mirror. The authors of the op-ed (Barbara and Shannon Kelly) tackle the conflict that modern feminists often face: beauty versus the cause.

Does owning these cosmetics make a feminist a sell-out? (Photo from

An excerpt:

Is buying Spanx buying into an oppressive ideal? Does dabbling in fillers make one a tool of the patriarchy? Does plunking down your VISA at the MAC counter mean you’ve forfeited your feminist card?

Granted, overt vanity is never a good thing; there is so much more women can focus their talents and energies upon. That being said, I’ve always been a part of the camp that believe feminists can look however the hell they please. A little lipstick does not a cop-out make.

Click here to read the full article.


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