Lauryn Hill: The Human Vending Machine and How It Relates to Stay-At-Home Moms

First and foremost, Jay Smooth’s commentary always leaves me enlightened; he is a very bright man indeed.

Moving right along: his commentary on Lauryn Hill points to a larger problem women face. Our culture in general has shifted to a mentality that is best summed up from the following lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Run The World (Girls):”

Smart enough to bear the children-then get back to business.

I am all for “working mothers,” but we should not assume that stay-at-home moms are listless drags on society. In fact, I would contend that, with all of the career advancements women have available to them in this age, raising a child is still one of the hardest-if not the hardest-job any individual could undertake.

Raising a child takes a certain level of patience, effort, nurturing and, above all else, time that some of us simply do not have. Stay-at-home moms may not bring home any income, but they are indeed working their asses off and dedicating the most valuable resource of all-time-to raising their children. For this, they should be rewarded, not ridiculed.

Like Lauryn, no woman should be viewed as a “human vending machine,” or any work machine for that matter. Raising children is a legitimate career and should be treated as such.

For more, read this Forbes article that explains why a stay-at-home mom should earn a six-figure salary.


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