How to Talk to Little Girls

An article on Think.TV written by Lisa Bloom challenges our culture’s tendency to compliment young girls on their looks or clothes instead of their intelligence. Bloom, the author of ThinkStraight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World, states in the piece that asking a little girl what she is reading will do far more for her self-esteem than asking where she got her pretty dress.

Maya (right) is adorable-but, she can also read all by herself. She is five years old. (Source:

Although there is a mountain of truth in Bloom’s rationale, I think the focus should be on creating  a healthy balance between the two. Young girls should be complimented on the total package-being beautiful and smart. Too much of a good thing in any case could be detrimental.

To learn more about Lisa Bloom and "Think," click here. (Source:


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