Enter: The Feminista

I have come across so many women that say, “Don’t call me a feminist,” because that sort of conjures up the idea of hairy armpits.
-Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage, CosmoGIRL, November 2001

Ten years later, this still seems to be the case. As women still struggle for their rights, the words “feminism” and “feminist” has a slightly negative ring to it.

This is a shame.

Lately, however, there has been a word that has been created to soften the blow…


Saying it aloud, it kind of rolls off the tongue, yes?


The word combines the root of “feminist” with “fashionista,” albeit slightly. A feminista is the modern feminist, the one who will speak out for reproductive rights while wearing stilettos, the one who fights for equal pay but still turns heads on the job, the one who rejects female oppression and looks fabulous while doing it.

Being a feminist and being fashionable are not mutually exclusive. We can still retain our style, savvy and-dare I say-sex appeal while fighting the powers that be that impose subversive, unrealistic standards of beauty and behavior upon us-yes, at the same time!

This is where “Cherchez La Feminista” comes in. This blog will bring the latest news and updates on our struggles, commentary related to our ongoing fight for equality, with a little lipstick on the side for good measure.

What a concept!

Can it be true?

Keep reading and the answer you will find is a resounding “yes.”


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